So who is Tyler Benedict and why should you listen to me?

A bore is a man who, when you ask him how he is, tells you.
– Bert Leston Taylor

My earliest memories take me back to elementary school.

I was an extrovert back then and seemed to have no fear or shyness. I was up for everything.

Speaking in front of the whole school didn’t faze me, and when casting for parts in an upcoming theatrical performance, I would audition for the lead role and made sure I got it.

Heck, I even bagged the best looking girl in the whole school as my girlfriend when most kids were still working out if they actually liked the opposite sex.

Then I went to high school, and everything went south.

I don’t exactly remember what went wrong, but I changed, and that confident little kid started to withdraw into his shell.

The world appeared to get more complicated, and it was just easier to play it safe and not take any chances.

Simply put, I dropped anchor in the bay of ‘negative beliefs’ and wondered why my life sucked.

I was as bored as a blind guy watching a silent movie and had convinced myself I was boring.

Years later I became intrigued as to how I had gone through such a transformation from confident kid where nothing was off limits to the shy dull guy I had now become.

Then one day I asked a very simple question; what makes a man boring?

The answer. You do.

It was what I chose to do on a daily basis that was making me boring. And I can change that.

And so the mission began.

A mission to get out and try new things.

A mission to start saying to myself “F*ck it!” and step out of my safety zone more often.

It was time to stop hiding who I really was and start connecting with people on a deeper level.

What you’ll find on this website and in my books is everything I’ve learned on my journey to become ‘un-boring’ and raise my ‘interesting’ barometer.

I’ve been very lucky to meet some pretty charismatic characters over the years whose behavior I’ve tried to model (the good bits of course.) If it worked I adopt it and I’ll write about it here.

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Tyler Benedict

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