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No guy wants to be known for being BORING!

Here's an easy way to make a pile of cash by introducing guys to a solution they desperately want!

Dear Internet Marketer

If you currently have an online business, blog or ecommerce website which caters for men, whether single or otherwise, then I've an opportunity for you to make some easy money.

Digital information products in the male interests niche generally revolve around dating guides and how to pick-up girls. It's a crowded market out there with plenty of me-too products all competing for your audiences attention yet all delivering the same old tired advice.

Well I have good news for you. I have something new, something different to offer your male audience.

Introducing No More Mr. Boring - a comprehensive eBook which shows guys how to trade their dull, monotonous existence for a mind-blowing, kickass life starting today.

Hi, my name is Tyler Benedict and I'm the author of a unique 64 page eBook giving men the skills and knowledge to step out of their comfort zone and start living a full energized life. This book will take your readers from Mr. Couch Potato to the guy that every other guy wants to be like and women want to date. 

You'll find everything you need to start promoting this product below including email swipes and banner advertisements. Firstly you'll need to head on over to ClickBank and create an account (No More Mr. Boring is sold on the ClickBank marketplace which also manages this affiliate program.)

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RECOMMENDED: Alternatively search for No More Mr. Boring in the ClickBank Marketplace (make sure you are logged in) and click the promote button. In the popup that appears copy the entire link that is shown. Please note that this link has been encrypted by ClickBank's HopLink Shield. It represents an encrypted version of the traditional HopLink format of This helps to protect you from affiliate link fraud where a fraudster substitutes their ClickBank ID into your HopLink and steals your commission.

I've created a range of creatives to help you easily promote this eBook to your audience, either through email or via your website.

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