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"How to Trade Your Dull, Monotonous Existence for a Mind-Blowing, Kickass Life Starting Today!"

Stop dreaming and start living – Build yourself a life more exhilarating and energizing than any movie

Courage makes history – Experience adventures that make men admire you and women want you (desperately!)

Seize every opportunity – Before you miss out on the greatest discovery of your life

Dear fellow couch surfer…

It felt like a slap in the face

“Dude, no offense, but you are seriously boring the sh** out of me.”

Worse yet, it was my best buddy saying those words to me less than two years ago.

I was so shocked, I think I stammered out something like, “Ugghhh, wh-what do you mean?”

That’s when he really laid into me.

“You tell the same stories over and over. You do the same stuff. You hang out with the same people.

“I know what you’re going to say and what you’re going to do before you do it.

“Are you happy being this boring?

“Because you’re driving me nuts.

“Get a life!”

At that, he slammed the door and disappeared.

It was two weeks before I talked to him again and a month before I saw him. We never spoke of that day again.

But it completely changed my life

Taking stock, I realized he was right.

I got up, went to work, came home, went out on Friday nights, ate the same food, went to the same places and had nothing new to say.

And no – I wasn’t happy. Not really.

So I started digging into my life.

Then I dug into the lives of exciting people.

And then I made comparisons, to find out what they were doing that I wasn’t.

And no, they weren’t bull fighting and sky diving and being international spies.

They had regular lives like me.

Yet their days were filled with excitement, adventure, and fun

So I spent the next two years of my life becoming “UN-boring,” and it was the best thing I ever did.

I now wake up each morning excited and full of energy, because I know something amazing is going to happen.

I have stories to tell that curl toes and keep people riveted.

My sex life is better.

I have more money.

I feel better.

Heck, I even look better.

And yeah, this sounds like some crazy late night infomercial, but the fact is all I did was make some…

…very basic changes that radically altered my life, my outlook and my future.

In fact, I rewrote my future with simple habits that changed everything for me.

Now I can’t wait to get up in the morning.

I love everything about my life – even the things that don’t work out as expected.

I have tons of new friends, new experiences, new skills, new thoughts and attitudes – nearly everything about my life is bigger, bolder and more badass than ever before.

And now I’d like to show you how I did it.

Remember the Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

Right now you might be stuck in a darkroom like he was.

But in 30 days you can be having mind blowing adventures and more confidence than ever.

Remember how Ben Stiller (Walter Mitty) took off to Greenland, chasing down the photographer?

Next thing he knew, he was off to Iceland and then the Himalayas.

He flew on a helicopter with a drunken pilot, dove into icy shark-infested waters to catch a boat, climbed a Himalayan peak to find Sean Penn…

But before that, all poor Walter Mitty did was daydream.

Oh, the things he would do, the places he would go…

…if only he had the courage.

But just like the cowardly lion in the wizard of Oz, you and I know he actually had the courage all along.

You don’t need to climb mountain peaks or dive into shark infested waters to have an amazing life.

Heck, you never need to leave your own town if you don’t want to.

But you do have to make some changes if you’re going to drop the Mr. Boring title and trade your dull, monotonous existence for a mind-blowing, kickass life starting today.

It’s Time to Stop Dreaming and Start Living

Adventure waits for no one.

Especially if they’re sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games.

Do you know why you’re bored?

Because you’re boring.

Sorry dude.

Like I told you, I was the same way.

It’s time to test your limits and make your own unique way in the world.

It took me two years to figure out how to have an exciting, fun-filled life while still working my job.

After all, I’m not rich.

I couldn’t just go jetting around the world in search of excitement.

And even if you could do that, it doesn’t guarantee it’ll make you an interesting person, or your life one worth living.

I’ve put everything I’ve discovered into my book, written just for guys like yourself.

And today I’m offering it to you – to change your life the way it did mine.

In my book, “No More Mr. Boring,” you’ll discover…

How to Instantly Become More Likeable and Interesting – The Basics

  • check
    The quack trick to being the cool, confident guy people admire
  • check
    How to use the weather to become a stellar conversationalist (weather will never be boring again)
  • check
    The dickhead move you’ve been unknowingly making that’s turning people off. (The moment you know what it is, you can stop it dead)
  • check
    Open THIS for instant happiness (no, it’s not what you’re thinking)
  • check
    The dying pirate trick that gets people to tell you things they haven’t told their own spouses (and they’ll love you for it)
  • check
    What ladies love most, and how to give it to them (get your mind out of the gutter, we mean the OTHER thing they love most – and no, it’s not shopping either)
  • check
    Warning: When you do THIS, people want to hit you with a mallet (stop doing it!)
  • check
    The simple trick to making people like you in a heartbeat (set your ego aside for this one and you’ll work magic)
  • check
    Ever get bored with people? Here’s what you’re doing wrong and 4 ways to fix it, fast
  • check
    The 5 second trick to becoming a world class conversationalist (you’ll be shocked at how well this works)
  • check
    Why nobody wants to hang with you – no worries, this is easily fixed
  • check
    4 ways to make others feel freakin’ brilliant (and love you for it)
  • check
    17 methods to finally overcome your shyness once and for good

The New and Immensely Improved You 5.0

  • check
    The one simple trick that removes stress and turns you into a nicer guy
  • check
    How to add charisma to your arsenal (and become irresistible!)
  • check
    How to negotiate like an FBI hostage negotiator (and easily get everything you want in life)
  • check
    How to make yourself genuinely happy any time you want
  • check
    The sweet sound that makes people stick to you like glue, like you more and pay more attention to you (this is like magic, only real)
  • check
    What a time-warped zombie is, how to know if you are one (statistically speaking, you most likely are) and how to re-join the living
  • check
    The thing you need to get if you want to be interesting (they come in all shapes and sizes, and no, we don’t mean a woman)
  • check
    The simple way to make everyone forget you even exist (don’t do this if you want friends and party invites)
  • check
    How to use other people’s stupid jokes to become a sought-after stand-up dude (and no, you’re not going to repeat them)
  • check
    People deeply respect and admire you when you do this one simple thing – yet NO ONE does it (Do you have the guts? It’s not dangerous, yet it’s not easy)
  • check
    The 3 things you need to know to tell a story so good, people hang on your every word
  • check
    REAL men grow a pair and do THIS (tiny words, BIG results)
  • check
    Do THIS to every single you person you meet and even your worst enemy will respect you
  • check
    The grandmother rule that melts hearts
  • check
    The thing you do that you don’t know you do (you’re doing it now) that turns people off
  • check
    One trick to look better, be smarter, be richer, have a better memory and make more money (Weird but true)
  • check
    The 3 things you should have in your pocket at ALL times (carry these and you’ll appear brilliant, witty and captivating – or at least entertaining and interesting)
  • check
    12 things you can do today to make life more exciting

Growth and Bursting Your Comfort Zone

  • check
    Three letters that can change your life (sometimes scary, often a new adventure and always interesting)
  • check
    How to automatically put yourself at the center of attention (yes, YOU!)
  • check
    How to open up an entire new vista of possibilities
  • check
    How to stretch your comfort zone every single day
  • check
    That thing you think offends people – yet if you don’t do it, you’re insulting them. Do it right, and you become irresistible (confused? You won’t be)
  • check
    What to do if you’re single that’s scary as all get out but will guarantee you more women than you can handle
  • check
    The natural law that makes you delightfully appealing (works in business and your personal life, too)
  • check
    3 guys and a sexy new coworker – how to be the one she immediately favors
  • check
    Are you brave? Most guys will never do THIS – the ones who do lead the most incredible lives, have the most adventures and die happier
  • check
    How to take a load off, naturally act less like a dick, feel better, lighter and happier all in one stroke
  • check
    How to be righteously spontaneous – no planning required (get crazy, take a chance, have some fun every day doing this)
  • check
    Religion, politics, inner clowns and johnny-uniter - How to handle anything
  • check
    The #1 trick to instantly make people like you

As Walter Mitty might say, “You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.”

So WTF does that mean?

You’re comfortable on your couch, in your routine, with the same friends, the same days, the same thing day in and day out.

You’re comfortable.

And you’re boring as hell.

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

Yes, it seems strange for someone selling a book to tell you to get uncomfortable.

But if you’re going to live a life of stimulating excitement, adventure, spontaneity and exhilaration, then you’ve got to stop dreaming and start living.

This means testing your limits, experiencing new things and stretching your comfort zone until it can never go back into the shape of a couch potato again.

This knowledge plus your courage to build a better life will make history.

Bored plus boring makes… being dead before you are dead.


Everyone and everything is either growing or shrinking.

If you’re growing, you’re living.

If you’re shrinking or staying the same, you’re dying.

Today is the day you choose your path

A living death?

You’ve already got that.

I had it – and it sucked.

You can do better.

SO much better.

Do you choose life?


New friends?

Something new every single day?

People loving you the first time they meet you?

People wanting you at their parties, gatherings, kickbacks, etc?

Do you want to be happier, have more confidence, look better, feel better and get more women?

Do you want to finally get the life you’ve been dreaming about?

And are you willing to stretch your comfort zone to GET that life?

If so, then the answer is simple – order…

No More Mr. Boring

How to Trade Your Dull, Monotonous Existence for a Mind-Blowing, Kickass Life Starting Today

And you’ll be downloading and reading it in just minutes from right now.

No More Mr Boring Book

I am so certain that this book will change your life, I’m going to guarantee it.

My 100% No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day Guarantee! I'll Take the Risk Here, NOT You.

If for ANY reason you don’t like this book, or you don’t think this book will radically change your life, or even if you’ve decided you prefer the life of a boring couch potato, just let me know and I will quickly and cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.

How to Trade Your Dull, Monotonous Existence for a Mind-Blowing, Kickass Life Starting Today




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It includes a daily plan for increasing your charisma and a simple worksheet that will help you in your quest to become a more charismatic guy.

How to Trade Your Dull, Monotonous Existence for a Mind-Blowing, Kickass Life Starting Today


Get your copy now, and throw boredom out the window for good.

You’ll become the most interesting guy people know.

Men will want to be like you.

Women will want you.

And you’ll finally have a life truly worthy of who you are.

When in doubt, break boundaries.

Be brave.

Seize the opportunity and order your copy today.

Kind regards

Tyler Benedict

How to Trade Your Dull, Monotonous Existence for a Mind-Blowing, Kickass Life Starting Today


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